A number of organisations have achieved the standards required by the Gold Quality Mark for Team Teach. See Case Studies & Research Area for more details. The Team Teach system of quality control and assurance was a significant factor in the achievement of the highest level of National Training Award. See Case Study area for more details.

  1. Physical Intervention Strategies are constantly being evaluated, with safety being paramount. The number of serious incidents / restraints should decrease following training.
  2. Training will help employers meet their obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation thus reducing potential liability claims.
  3. Learning outcomes and behaviour should improve through the provision of safe learning and caring.
  4. The training has a fun element. It will reduce stress, enhancing team-work, co-operation and staff morale.
  5. Courses are quality controlled and assured with summary evaluation reports being produced as evidence of best value.
  6. Physical Intervention Strategies┬áhave sufficient range and flexibility to be appropriate across the age and development range, for both the intentional and non-intentionally “challenging” individual.
  7. There are a wide range of research and case studies available that demonstrate the success of Team Teach in a range of settings.
  8. Training enables staff to feel more confident and competent in their management of disruptive and “challenging” behaviour, reducing stress by increasing safety and security for all involved.