Team Teach has been established in the APAC since 2004, successfully training staff from a wide range of education, health and care settings. Team Teach has been delivered in every Australian state and territory, as well as New Zealand. Team Teach APAC has a network of more than 500 Trainers and has provided training to over 20,000 people.

To support organisations in their commitment to reducing and eliminating restrictive practices, as outlined in the National Framework for Reducing and Eliminating the Use of Restrictive Practices in the Disability Sector, Team Teach APAC provides training in line with the state specific Student Behaviour procedures, and which expressly aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child, which states that the welfare of the child shall be the paramount consideration.

The content of the programmes is updated to reflect the latest research findings about the psychology of behaviour support, biomechanics and safe systems of manual handling. Team Teach commissions independent academic research into the effectiveness of the training and a comprehensive review of the legal framework in order to better protect staff working in challenging environments.

The emphasis within the Team Teach framework is that at least 95% of responses should be non physical.

The emphasis within the Team Teach framework is that at least 95% of responses should be non physical. Prediction, prevention, de escalation, the importance of non verbal and verbal communication and structured debriefing and repair are a strong focus of training.

Training explicitly emphasises that, without exception, all approaches should maintain safety and dignity for all, be gradual and graded, and be reasonable, proportionate and necessary. Physical interventions should be seen as a last resort and only used when it is in the best interest of the service user, and are reasonable, proportionate and necessary.

Team Teach does not provide any physical intervention training unless it is part of a comprehensive risk, restraint and restriction reduction programme, within a holistic framework where the opinions and expertise of relevant professionals are prioritised and where the child and carers are actively engaged.

Team Teach has therefore been developed to facilitate processes, practice and interventions which promote awareness and understanding of each individuals need and how to best support their development. Team Teach constantly evolves and is continually guided by contemporary research and practice. It is guided by research that is both evidence based (deriving information from scientific evidence, systematic and empirical research) and evidence informed (the current best evidence available, combined with the knowledge and experience of practitioners and the views and experiences of service users).

The Team Teach approach evolved from an educational residential care background. It is advised and supported by a broad-based group with current and relevant professional experience in a range of settings. These include Senior Officers in a range of services for children and adults with learning, intellectual and physical disabilities, mental health conditions, neurological conditions, sensory disabilities and chronic medical conditions.