Looking for specialised behaviour support training tailored to your organisation’s needs? Look no further than Team Teach Australia & New Zealand. Established in 2004, our practical and accessible training is developed specifically for education, disability services, aged care and health care settings. With a network of over 1000 trainers and a yearly training of over 11,000 people, we have established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Our training solutions are built on a foundation of respect and are designed to foster cultures of support, helping individuals recognise the needs of those they work with and offer help where necessary. Our training emphasises team building, personal safety, communication, and verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques for dealing with behaviours of concern, all with the goal of reducing the need for physical interventions. For some settings, we can also teach physical interventions to resolve conflicts in ways that are safe and provide opportunities for repair and reflection for everyone involved.

At Team Teach, safety is our top priority. We are accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management and undergo bi-annual independent medical reviews of all physical techniques to ensure the safety of our participants and those they support. Our training programs are designed to provide the latest research findings in the areas of behaviour support, biomechanics and safe manual handling practices.

Our training is delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers who consider the needs of your settings, the nature of care you provide, and the common problems you encounter to deliver practical solutions that lead to real change. Our strategies lower risk and minimise the use of physical restrictive practices, and our framework is entirely compatible with Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL and PB4L) in education services, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approaches for people with a disability, the focus on reducing restrictive practices in aged care, and reframing Occupational Violence and Aggression Training as Occupational Safety Training.

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The emphasis within the Team Teach framework is that at least 95% of responses should be non physical.

Accreditations and Certifications

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With over 25 years of experience as an award-winning provider of behaviour support training, Team Teach has worked with education, disability, aged care, and health organisations. Our courses keep your staff up to date with guidance and legal changes, ensuring you receive the highest standards of training.

Team Teach is proud to hold the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre certification, a nationally recognised accreditation for delivering training in the prevention and management of challenging behaviour. As a not-for-profit, independent organisation, the ICM works to reduce and eliminate the risks associated with behaviour across all sectors. Our accredited Train-the-Trainer courses comply with ICM quality assurance procedures for the prevention, management, and support of vulnerable individuals in education, disability services, aged care, and healthcare settings.

In addition, Team Teach training helps teachers meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST), which outline the knowledge and skills teachers should possess. Our courses cover the three domains of professional knowledge, practice, and engagement, allowing teachers to demonstrate competence in these areas.

Choose Team Teach for the highest quality behaviour support training and ensure your staff are up to date with the latest guidance and legal changes.

How our training can support you

We offer tailored positive behaviour support training, specialised for a variety of education, health care, disability services and aged care settings.
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