A free online resource to support schools and pupils returning to the classroom.

Our sister company in the UK has created a free online resource designed to support schools as children and young people return to the classroom.

Team Teach training is built on the foundation of behaviour being a form of communication which allows young people to express their emotions. During a time of uncertainty, it is vitally important now more than ever to focus on feelings, not only of our own, but of those young people that teachers and support staff are relied upon to care for whilst in a school setting. As an organisation we have drawn on our 20 years plus experience to deliver a set of suggestions to how you can best respond to the needs of the young people, looking through the behaviours to understand the emotional drivers within.

Just like ours, each young person’s experience will have been different. Recalibrating the Classroom is a resource to support staff as they return to work, allowing an opportunity to pause and think about how the classroom might look and how the children may behave and respond on their return. It looks at giving practical thinking steps around some of the challenges that young people are facing in this time of crisis and gives a structured approach to how they might respond.

The session is 45 minutes in duration and majors around 4 key questions:

  • How am I feeling?
  • What do the young people feel, need or want?
  • How is the environment affecting?
  • How do we best respond?

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